Volunteer Guidlines

Making A Difference

There are many ways you can become part of the solution. If you are a single individual that would like to volunteer, you are more than welcomed to participate in Pomona Beautiful's weekly clean ups on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Also you may contact and participate with other volunteers that have already adopted a street or park.

Application & Contract 

Complete and submit application to Pomona Beautiful pomonabeautiful@gmail.com

Upon an application being turned in, Pomona Beautiful and the adopting organization agreed to do a half a mile stretch of street, or park located within the City of Pomona.


The application is then confirmed.


Cleanup / Maintenance

Cleanup/maintenance projects are to be organized and managed by the adopting organization/group five times over a one-year period.

A completed report form for each cleanup/maintenance project is required

Report forms are found on the adopt the street/park tab.


Remove all collected trash from their adopted street, park, and place all trash in home or business trash bins, so trash is collected during weekly pick ups.


Cleanup/Maintenance projects can also include: 

   - Bulky Item Removal: debris, furniture, appliances,            tires, etc. 

   - Sweeping along sidewalks/curbs at your adopted          location. 

   - Removing weeds and palm fronds along city right-          of-way.


Equipment Loan

Trash bags, brooms, dust pans, grabbers, and gloves. 

To ensure equipment availability, please submit request at least one week before the desired pickup date.


Volunteers pick up tools at Pomona City Hall between 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.


Safety Rules

Each volunteer must complete the City of Pomona waiver form.

    - Waiver forms must be filled out on both sides by             each volunteer on a yearly basis.

    - One waiver form per volunteer is to be kept on file           with the City of Pomona for each year.

Volunteers work WITHOUT City of Pomona, and WITHOUT traffic control. 

    - An adult volunteer or team leader is  responsible            for conducting a safety briefing to all volunteers

   - Read aloud the “Project Instructions and Safety                Requirements” from the back-side of the waiver              form before the first cleanup/maintenance project          and to every new member.

Volunteers under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a volunteer over 18 years during cleanup/maintenance projects


Recognition Signs

Each adopted organization receives two recognition signs at the entrance on both side of the adopted street, or park after the City of Pomona approves the application and is set in motion.

The adopting organization’s name will be printed on the signs, as decided by the adopting organization and approved by Pomona Beautiful and the City of Pomona.

    - The application contains a section to indicate the             name of your business/organization “as it is to                 appear on the recognition signs”

    - Signs measure 24” x 30”

    - Phone numbers, logos and websites are                             prohibited.



Cancellation of adopted street, or park if the adopting organization does not:

     - Conduct their first cleanup/maintenance project           within 60 days after application is approved

     - Submit a cancellation report. Cancellation reports           will be available soon.

Pomona Beautiful Project Coordinator will:

     - Send the organization a “reminder” that a                         cleanup/maintenance project be organized and             reported within 60 days or project will be                           terminated.

One can also contact Pomona Beautiful's project coordinator to cancel project.


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